Connie Yuan

Associate Professor
Department of Communication
Cornell University

308 Kennedy Hall
(607) 255-2603
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Latest News about Connie Yuan

Feb 5, 2012

I have just completed my annual activity report for 2011. ALL of the six journal submissions pushed out for my tenure package around the beginning of 2010 are out in print now. YAY!!! They are all downloadable from the PUBLICATIONS page.

June 2011

I was promoted to "Associate Professor with indefinite tenure" at Cornell. Love the word "indefinite"!

May 2011

My paper "Twenty-five years of hidden profile studies in group decision making: A meta-analysis" is accepted for publication in Personality and Social Psychology Review.


I teach and conduct research in the area of organizational communication. Specially, my research mainly focuses on knowledge transfer and retention in organizations via the development of social capital, and the adoption and usage of information and communication technology. In an information society, timely access to expert knowledge is crucial for employees to make informed decisions. Yet locating true expert knowledge when needed can be a very challenging task. Most organizational research on expertise seeking focuses principally on the role of interpersonal relations in the search process. One common oversight of these studies, however, is that no attention has been paid to how employees gain needed expert information from electronic resources. Most information system research, on the other hand, focuses mainly on designing and implementing new information systems to facilitate expertise retrieval, assuming that advancement in technology can provide a solution, only to find out that some barriers in expertise seeking and retrieval are interpersonal in nature. My research has therefore centered on integrating organizational behavior and information science research in studying knowledge management either inside an organization or within a community. My goal is to advance existing theories and develop new ones to study the interplay between interpersonal and electronic resources for expertise seeking and retention of expert knowledge from a multilevel, network perspective.